Gods Clock is in a Different Time Zone, But It Is ALWAYS On Time

By Tony Longo


"Thoughts Create ..... It Is LAW"

I Think ... I Am

I Am Whatsoever I Think

     If something is just Thought about long enough, so shall it come into being. Nothing need be done. A Lone Thought eventually gives Birth. This does not mean, stagnant is acceptable. It simply exposes the Power in that which we harmlessly Imagine.
     Angels rarely speak. In other dimensions, ,,,  words as we know and freely use may not exist where Angels come from. ....In this life, ... Words are a most Useful Tool. .... Guaranteed to deliver  as a Weapon or a Gift. 


     Angels physically Appear in This lifetime. .... Everyday More Interactions occur worldwide.... Something is in the air. As animals sense earthquakes, So too do We feel a prelude to God's Angels of Light. 

Relief to All that Help Is On the Way...... Hang On ..... They Are Already HERE .....

     "I Think ...... I Speak .... I Believe"        THEN ,,,,,,  I SEE 
     The Angel at my side Never hesitates. I witness thoughts before Reality. Yet One Choice Is always Consistent ,,,, Every Thought Begins with LOVE

Nothing compares to the Determination within an Angel

Think Who You want to Be ....... Become Who You Think ....

SEE YOUR ANGEL At Your Side ..... It Is Time ..... God's Time ... 

Start THINKING Before You Speak .... 

LET your Thoughts and Words BE Not a weapon, .... But A GIFT

"Thy Will Be Done on Earth as it Is In Heaven"

The War Lord  vs The Angel

   The Angel Stood before the War Lord and his army of Demons. 
The War Lord screamed,
"Why do you come before me alone ?
Who are you ?
Where do you come from ?
Why are you here ?
This Kingdom is mine" !

     The Angel answered,
"I am Power
I am Love
I am Spirit
I am Smiles
I am Trust in God
I am Courage. My Sword is Truth
I an Unconditional Love. I am Forgiveness
I am Invincible 
I am Victorious


This Kingdom ... Is GOD'S 


     First Clouds and wind. Then Thunder and rain. Until Lightning Burst from Above,,,, More and More Angels ,....Everyday,...... Everywhere.......

The Wisdom of Age

The Elders now sit Alone

Shame on the Young

Blessed are the Young who see the Magic in the Old

     It is often said and heard, "If I only knew then, What I know Now". Through time and History,,,,, Young Warriors, Builders, Travelers, and Leaders could and Would Rely upon those,.... Who Fought, Built, Discovered, and Lead before them. 

     Just Simple and Ingenious. Seek Knowledge for that which you desire from those who have already completed the journey. Ask directions from the Traveler whom has returned. Study the Ways of Warriors of whom are Victorious. Have a Builder show you How and Why his structure Still Stands. Learn Why a True Leader Loves Those he Teaches. 

Somehow today's young have begun to disregard the old.

     Age slowly is becoming a badge placed upon the forgotten..... No longer included in the lives and Crossroads of the Young. .....The danger in this acceptance is inevitable. The world has shifted gears and increased speed. Some accidents are Sadly Preventable. Most collisions are Man Made. 

Before going even faster,.... Take This Moment to Enjoy that which You are Passing.... You are not the First who has Survived Their Journey.....

You don't want to be the last......

     As I walk slowly with My Angel, We pass many Old Souls, Alone off to the side.... Unnoticed as time passes..... Soon we all will be the Age of the Old..... Soon the Old will be Gone from this dimension. Let Them not take Their Knowledge, Their Wisdom, Their Magic, Their Love, or Their Story..... Away Alone. .. 

Let Us not forget the Old, ..... But Seek All the Riches Within Each Spirit, ....  Before Their Soul Departs

May the Young ......Who Seek the Old........ Inherit God's Magic...... 

It's a Jungle Out There.....

Awaken from a Dream ?

Two Worlds, One Bridge

     Eyes open. Standing within a familiar Jungle. Thoughts gather, slowly settling. Survival is so Similar. Begin already. 

Know the Rules. Follow the Laws

     Defensively is not as limited as it sounds. It is wise to beware, yet still be in Control. The Jungle that surrounds, contains much Beauty for All who Pursue. Be not fearful, fore Awareness also is accepted as the price paid to Enter The Jungle's Magic.  

     It's animals are wild,,,, keep a distance. ......It's fruit and vegetation can nourish,,,,, eat not the poison..... It's waterfalls are Magnificent,,,,,  bathe away from the current..... Be aware of the dark,,,,,,, Celebrate the Beauty in the "Light"...

Step into the Jungle ,,,, Just as this World,,,, 

So diffident ,,,, yet so Similar

     Nowadays, TEACH the Young to be Careful..... Home is within a Jungle. Outside the walls of the Home, be AWARE Of the Wild Animals,,,, the Poison,,,, the Current,,,, the Dark.....
     By Always Seeing the LIGHT,,,,, The Jungle Grants "Permission" to Experience All It's MAGIG.....

Open Your Front Door and Explore the Jungle Outside

     Know God Created the animals.... Eat from the Tree of Life....Drink from the Fresh Waters... Love the Home Within Your Heart...... Fore That Home Is Where God LIVES ....

PS While You are being more aware,,,Always Be Aware Gods Angels Are Watching You....

Trust God Today....

As the Sun Rises, Trust God
     We All have been given the most Amazing Gift of Choice. From a slumber of dreams our eyes open. The very First thought that is welcomed into our being, ,,, can Only Now be Chosen. .... If TRUST is called upon, ,,, what a Magnificent Beginning to This Day. ....
     Can it be just that Simple. The answer to this riddle we have given life to,,, Is YES

Start Today with Trust In God....

     The Trust that Begins Your awakening, shall grow into a Comfort that Secures Every movement that shall be pursued. Imagine being at Peace with each step taken. Eventually ,,, Understanding that God Watches Over Every Task that is Chosen. 

Trust In God throughout Today

     Past feelings of anger and sadness shall be herded away by The UNSTOPPABLE Seed of "Trust" planted within. Life once reeking of a bitter, sour taste, ,,, slowly Blossoms towards a Now Sweet Harvest.... All that was trapped and tangled, ... Is Set FREE by the "Trust In God" Invitation delivered at daybreak. 

So shall tomorrow Begin "Trusting God"

As does tonight end, .... "Thanking God" 

My, What a Glorious  Day .... It's that Simple

You Gotta Have "FAITH"....(Tony Longo NEW Bio)

Please Have FAITH....no matter what (2nd Chances)

Tony Longo was Struck by Lightning in the Mouth while on Location in Arizona Filming. Longo took 2013 to Rehab from what He calls the Transformation of His Life.... Slowly "Letting God" Continuously Realign His Spirit, His Mind, and His Body..... Finally Now Controlling a slight "Lisp" from the LIGHTNING STRIKE and Living Proof of a Life Saving Weight-loss, Longo Is convinced the Remaining of His 30+ Year Career Will be UNSTOPPABLE. Google recently purchased his website filled with Stupid Scripted Shorts for All His New Comedy Ideas...His Spiritual novel about Angels Here Now on earth has Over 2 Million+ Dedicated Followers. With New Theatrical and Commercial Agents, 6 Ft 6In, 300Lbs, Tony Longo is Older, But Unquestionably AT his Best ! Tony Longo has "Rediscovered" Himself,,, Finding the Truth Within His Heart,,, and IS "Truly Electrifying".....

"There's Only ONE TONY LONGO"  (Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominating Committee)
http://www.tonylongo.tv/  (2+  MILLION Views) GOOGLE Owned
http://youtu.be/FhI6kPoi1Q4 TONY LONGO 55 SEC ACTING REEL

"Forever Is This Moment" .... Yes......

Magical Search for the Fountain of Youth

Time Exists

What is Time ?

     Time facilitates One Concrete bond intertwined into All. Everything must obey the Law of Passage. On a living scale,,,, age is measured.... Seemingly to escape no one.
     Events are stored in a Memory of the Past. Through the years, warnings to Live in the Present repeatedly become solutions,,, to the Past and Future. Regrets of that which was left behind, ,,,and fears of All that lies Ahead,,,,  "haunt" the "Only" moment of which We Control.,,, NOW.

Forever Is Now

Now Is Forever

     Angels do not age. Yet They are Here Now. Angels are Untouched and not held accountable to the Clock of Time.... How can this be ? Age and time are "Laws" ,,,, Laws are supposed to be Now and Forever.... Since Existence, man has been on an Unsuccessful endless quest to slow time,,,,, thus slowing age.....Right at this Precise Moment,,,, man continues to forge into the Unknown,,,attempting to find a solution ,,,, so as to not (?)  Age through Time ,,,, or at the very least,,,,,,Magically Slow the process of Aging ....... Forever in Vain, ,, obsessed Seemingly,, lost in the search .... Missing the "Dance"

Without Age there is No Time

     As we All grow older, Moments, Days, Seasons, and most noticeable, Years Pass Faster. Simply stated, Full Years gone by, seem like Just Yesterday. 

An uncontested fact is,
The older one gets, 
 The faster time Flys by

     As noted previously, The further my journey with the Angel, the less and less the Angel Speaks. So Rare is it to converse verbally, that at this point, I have made it my commitment to Never miss a Word Spoken From The Angel.....Through this Process I have Begun to Grasp The Power We All Possess in "The Spoken Word" ....
      From the Lips of The Angel came the Words,,, " This Moment Is Forever,,,,, Forever Is This Moment ...... We ALL Are Forever " ...... Followed by a Simple Smile....

So I conclude, 
There Is NO such thing as Age nor Time,,,, ONLY Now....    And,,,,, FOREVER....

BELIEVE ,,,!!!  Love This Moment ....... We Are All Already There.....

Sadly for those who Refuse to Have Faith ....

Father Time Is Undefeated ......

"But ,,, I can't Fly" .....

The Elder said to the Child ..."But ,,,, I can't Fly" ...

The Child could not hold back an Honest Laugh,

Then replied ... "Everyone Can FLY ,,,  SILLY"

     It was mid morning. I have long forgotten or possibly have just permitted an urgency to fade,,,, To That which Pulls Me Near... Learning verbally to Speak with The Angel less and less ,,,, My once treacherous Journey has transformed gradually into a smooth Illusion. 

Everyone's individual life is uniquely separate, 

Yet each moment entered into another's, 

Creates that which Connects Us All

     This particular encounter being one of many that is experienced with each step I take. The Child was standing on a rock which made her height equal to the elder to which she was speaking. I overheard just a simple exchange. The elder was saying that he could not fly. I have no knowledge of what led this exchange to the exact moment of which I entered their world. It is useless to guess or assume that which we are not privy to. So how this conversation between This child and that old man got to this point,,, I simply do not know. Yet here I Am. Forget not, there Is no random in life. 

Coincidence,,, if not God,,, Know God is Present....

     The only sliver meant for me was the Child's response,,, A response preceded by a magical shy escape of laughter. The Innocent Laugh became the Key that opened My Invitation Into Their Lives,,, Their World. Their Moment.
     "Everyone Can Fly,,, Silly" was what the Child said..... From behind,,, Wings slowly sprouted. ....The child was now taller than the old man. She was no longer standing on the boulder...... She was above.
     Moments in time come so quickly and go even faster. With my next step I was out of Their World. It was mid day before the Angel and I sought rest in the shade of a Great Tree. I wanted so bad to ask,,, to speak ....about the Child and the elder. Yet I held back My questions..I initiated no need to What I had witnessed. Yet the Child's Words continued to tear at my Heart.......
     I still said nothing.....So To that, I received no explanations in return... Maybe I was afraid ? Yes it was fear, but fear of what ? 

Maybe I could not bear the thought of hearing aloud,,,,,

Me saying,,,,,"But,,, I can't FLY"  ???

Like always,,,, The Angel at My Side ,,,, just Let Me Be Me....even in silence.....



Love Thy Soul

Torture of the Soul ....

Commitment forcing one to Daily cross Paths with the one they Love .... 

The One they Love, .... Not Loving You ...

     Energy is everywhere. No matter which Trail is Chosen, ...those before,... leave behind the scent of their Roaming. Always hoping for the Positive, acknowledging the negative only when forced. Yet unable to avoid the occasional stumble and dreaded fall. 

Love, Time, Space, Energy

     We are Truly Our Souls. Our Souls Are Forever Traveling. Everlasting Life Is Within us All. This Energy is the Air Our Souls Breath to Survive. The greatest crime is to break one's Spirit. 


     We Control Energy. Everywhere, everyone, every moment, every place, and everything consists of Energy... Grant permission only to the Good. ... Fight with vengeance the bad. 

   We Choose what Energy we Take In. We Choose what Energy we Give Out. Living Energy is within Objects of History, Places, and even Time. Begin Everything Always with Love. Their consists no greater Energy than "LOVE"...  Let Love guide Your Energy. 
     Angels of Light will assist Your Discovery of God's Energy.... God's Energy is in the sky, both night and day.... In all that grows out of and from the earth and beneath the sea.... Memories Live in Places and Things forever....A simple Smile awakens Love that was resting. 

We Are God's Energy

    Give Out and Take In God's Love. Seeking nothing in Return. Love thy Neighbor. Walk this earth with Meaning and Purpose. Always be looking for Signs...

Begin by "Loving Thy Soul" .....

After Thought - God's Angels Are Also ENERGY ..... 

Make "Your" First Miracle .... Now

A + B = C

What if their exists a Formula for a Miracle ? Just as  two parts Hydrogen combined with one part Oxygen makes Water. Could this be possible ? Can you Imagine ?
   If so, how precious a Secret this would be by those who Have Obtained such an Advantage. Where would one begin ? An acceptable possibility could originate by random individuals accidentally stumbling upon such a Discovery. At first questioning such a Reality in this dimension. Next becoming Aware of this proclaimed impossibility. Finally, consciously  putting A Miracle to the Test..... Expecting to be proven wrong, but continuously, Not only Witnessing, but Creating The "Magic" of a Miracle .....

A + B = C    Is it that Simple ?

The Answer is NO

BUT CAN We Make A Miracle ? 

You Decide ...

Make YOUR First "Miracle"

   Daily in Life, at least once a day, a "Choice" is before Us all. This Choice however stands alone. I know that right at this very moment, Everyone not only need not search, but has welcomed such Choices with familiar comfort into their Home and Life.

   This "First Variable" to the Formula ....We "KNOW" is Not Right.... Mostly disguised  so cleverly that we need not even CHOOSE. The Power sadly is Released, even when We do Nothing. By doing Nothing .....We Make a Choice .... Inside We KNOW it is Wrong .. To do Nothing... But can live with the fact that, so be it.... As long as we did not do Not have to be the initiator....

It is Not Enough to Not get Involved... It is Before You ... You are already Involved.... So, Why not Make A "Miracle" and Come to terms with it's Power . ?  

   The "Next Variable" is OUR Turn.   CHOOSE ! ! ! ... STOP the "First Variable".... Identify .... and not only Refuse to Stand idle, .....EXPELL  "Variable One"(A) by adding A + B .... B Is Your Choice. A Choice that if  permitted (A) to exist , so many could and continue to Gain and Succeed by just doing "Nothing" ... But We KNOW It Is WRONG ..... 
   So CHOOSE To Consciously ..... to TAKE (A) the "First Variable" .... OUT of YOUR Life and STOP the "First Variable" from HAPPENING.....

WOW ..... A Lot to Take in .....  But FINALLY We Are at "Your Miracle"(C).  

Remember A + B = C  (Your Miracle)

   So for the Formula to be True. Their is No concern of who or for what purposes A Miracle can be Created. All that Matters is that "The Variables"  A + B  need be placed Honestly and Correctly into "The Formula" ...

Thus Any Soul that Applies This Formula, Can Now Rise Each Day, releasing Previous "Hope" and Witnessing Expectancy .... Be Transformed Now Into "BEING" .....  As a Personal "MIRACLE"  Comes To Pass ..... Right Before Your Eyes....... 

Share This Secret .... after Your Miracle ... Comes to Pass .... 

OK to ask One of God's Angels to walk You through this Formula.....

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